Ocean12 Mailing List Manager Gold

License Agreement
Single Site License
Access $39.99
SQL Server $49.99
Developer License
Access $59.99
SQL Server $69.99
A newsletter management application designed to allow you to setup a newsletter on your website within minutes.

Source Code Full source code is included, allowing the software to be modified for custom projects.
Installation Our installation is designed to be exceptionally easy. Just unzip and upload. There is no code to edit & configuration is done via the web browser.
Database support Both MS Access & MS SQL Server are supported.
User-friendly Dynamic AJAX-driven interface that makes maintaining mailing lists fast and smooth.
No limits Maintain unlimited subscribers & newsletters from a single installation.
Export your data Easily export data to Microsoft Excel.
Administrative access Add multiple administrative accounts to give users administrative privileges to specific mailing lists or the entire application.
Private mailing lists Create private mailing lists that are hidden from users.
Format Send mail as either HTML, text, or both. Users can specify which format they would like to receive.
WYSISYG editor A dynamic WYSISYG editor is integrated throughout the application to simplify creating & maintaining HTML messages.
Personalize mail Customize mail with the subscriber's name, email, password, or custom information.
Mail templates Create HTML templates in order to streamline message composition.
File management Upload images and other files to embed directly into messages. Files can also be sent as attachments.
Batch emailing Send mail in batches spaced out over time.
Tracking Track mail views and link clicks.
Customize it Set your own custom fields to collect additional information from subscribers.
User notification Automatically send customizable email when users subscribe, unsubscribe, or forget their password.
Mail components Supports ASPEmail, ASPMail, CDONTS, CDOSYS, & JMail. The application will also automatically tell you which components are installed on the server.